Electric vehicles are on the rise in Hong Kong. From just 100 in 2010, it has increased to 3,000 as of 2016. To promote the rise in adoption of electric vehicles, there are now 1,200 electric vehicle charger hong kong.  They are located in the city’s 18 districts in shopping malls, and commercial, and government buildings. Doing an EV charge in Hong Kong on public places is not ideal especially if you can set one up in your parking space.

Home And Work Charging

electric vehicle charging solution

Charging at home or at work is the ideal scenario because it can be done overnight or during working hours when the car is not in use at a slow charge instead of quick chargers that demand more energy. However, owners of electric vehicles face resistance from building management when they seek their permission to install electric vehicle chargers in Hong Kong car parks.

According to Mark Webb-Johnson, Chairman of Charged Hong Kong, a local organization that promotes electrical vehicles, building managers are cautious about ev charge hong kong because they are worried about electricity capacity, insurance, and installing electricity cables in common areas.

Charging Takes Time

The battery operated cars from different car manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan, and BMW have different charging times. However, a full charge could take around 3 to 6 hours depending on the size of the battery and the type of charger.

According to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) revealed that more than two cars share a charger. Compared to the top countries in adopting electric vehicle technology, the Clean Energy Ministerial revealed that there are around 9 cars per charger in Japan and 6 cars per charger in Norway in 2014.