How to choose jade jewelry

Shipping for gemstones is not so easy because there are numerous grades and variations of it. Also cases of scams are not less in jewelry industry. Jade is a precious gemstone available in various shades of green,  although it occurs in other colors too. If you are looking to buy jade earrings singapore then you should consider few things.

Variations of jade available.

jade earrings

Mainly there are two variations of jade available that are used in manufacturing jade earrings singapore.  The difference Is because of the mineral present in each variant. While buying you must be aware whether you are buying nephrite mineral or jadeite mineral. Nephrite material is widely used as it is a cheaper mineral and looks similar to jade.

The main difference between both minerals is that jadeite occurs in different color variants while nephrite can be mainly green or rarely white, red or yellow. Jadeite is rare and hence expensive. You must buy this stone from a reputed and trusted source only, else you might end up buying nephrite. Jadeite occurs in red, green,  yellow,  lavender, black and brown color variants but green is the most popular.

While choosing jade jewelry opt for stones with a dark and intense hue. These stones occur in 3 grades namely A,B and C. Grade A stones are completely natural and have not undergone any kind of artificial treatments But still have a rich color. B and C grade stones have undergone chemical treatments and are cheaper and of lesser quality. Make use of a magnifying glass to check for cracks and flaws.