I had been going around South East Asia on my first business trip, for a couple of months and just had half a month of my excursion left. I had transported it through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and had come back to Thailand for the last leg of my outing. I love meeting new people and on this trip, more opportunities knock my door and lets me to socialize with more people and share ideas, had a healthy discussion. Apparently a trip to be remembered for entire life, yet the trip was not over for me. I was curious to use the remaining to be more productive so I was planning for the next place to visit. Many places do strike my mind yet I was supposed to take good decision and use the remaining time smartly.

ethical elephant thailand

I had needed to visit Chiang Mai, in Thailand, as I had heard such a great amount about it and I wasn’t frustrated. The primary reason nonetheless, that I had chosen to invest more energy in Thailand, was to encounter volunteering in an elephant asylum, which was situated around an hour path from Chiang Mai. The asylum was initially established by an exceptionally modest. This ethical elephant thailand was familiar around the world. Visiting them is truly bliss for anyone. If you love watching animals, it is a must visit place. You can find good time exploring elephants and watching over them. Since then, I personally advise this place to people when they are planning for Asian travel.