What Makes a Persian Rug So Collectible?


Persian Rugs are known to be some of the most sought after rugs in the world. The craftsmanship that it takes to make a Persian rug is extensive and intricate, so they can be so expensive. Their prices vary but certainly range within the top tier level of rugs out on the market today. But, what makes a Persian rug authentic? Well, the reason these rugs are so unique and lavish is that they are only made and exported from Iran. Any other rug that you find looks similar in style but is not made in Iran, means that it is considered an “Oriental Rug”, not to be confused with an authentic Persian rug. 


When considering a rug like this for your home, it is important to remember a few key points. While these styles are expensive, they are considered more of an investment piece for your home than anything else. The intricate designs are made to adorn your living areas with a focus piece. Accenting your living room for example, with a Persian rug, helps elevate the room’s atmosphere while complementing the color scheme of the walls and furniture. 

Beautifully crafted rugs like this can go up to the hundred thousand dollar range for a top-notch high-quality rug made from premium vegetable dye and fabric.

Design & Material

Bright primary colors are typically used when Persian rugs are made, which means they might not fit everyone’s style of interior design aesthetic. While you can pair a Persian rug with other less expensive rugs to create more dimension in a room, you will find that they will all be striking designs with reds, blues, and other primary colors. Keep in mind, you will find some rugs that are made with chemical dyes, while the more expensive ones will likely have a vegetable dye. 

While you might be able to find Persian rugs that come in more modern designs, the colors will likely remain very vivid, and the materials used will always be either high-quality wool, silk, or a combination of the two. Additionally, a premium style will have a very high knot count, while less expensive rugs will have a low knot count. 

Handmade in Iran

Before the introduction of digitally created patterns to create more modern and contemporary designs, a Persian rug was often entirely made by an expert rug maker. These styles were much more traditional when done this way. However, the only difference a digital pattern makes is that the expert rug maker now has a pattern to follow when creating the rug on the loom. Everything is still handmade, and the detailing is all personally woven by a person, not an automated machine. 

This is mostly why a Persian rug will become a collectible and an investment piece in your home. They are carefully created and made to last decades, if not longer. These pieces are often handed down from generation to generation because they are made so well that they truly last the test of time. 

Caring for Your Persian Rug

For your rug to last a lifetime and for it to become an heirloom for younger generations to enjoy, they must be cared for very well. They can be cleaned with a mixture solution of vinegar and water which is gentle but effective. Alternatively, you can also find professional cleaners who will come into your home, collect your rug, and ensure they are taking the best care when cleaning your precious rug.