5 Norwegian Kitchens Must-Haves


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. After all, the way to care for your family is through their tummies.

As the centre of all homes in Norway, a kitchen is a place not only for preparing food and storing meals, but also for meetings, conversations, and sometimes even work.

Scandinavia is world-renowned for its minimalist designs, and kitchens in Norway are no different. When you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen with clean lines and space of a Norwegian kitchen, you’ll need to study the beauty of Scandinavian style elements and space-flow techniques. Norwegian design focuses on natural looks with minimalist approaches to displaying items. Here, function and form fuse together with function being the most important aspect.

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To style your kitchen in the Norwegian mode, you’ll need to understand the 5 main design aspects:

1.  Wooden Flooring

Norwegians love nature and the outdoors. Who wouldn’t if you’re surrounded by such natural beauty on your doorstep in Norway? Wooden flooring is a classic design element. It is also functional: with proper care, wooden flooring can last hundreds of years. This makes wooden flooring the ideal material to use in a high traffic area of your home such as the kitchen. Using different varnish and sealers, and contrasting it with lighter or darker cupboard and wall colours, you can either make your room appear bigger or smaller than it actually is.

2.  Brightly-Coloured Furniture and Decor

Less is more. Utilizing the principles of minimalism, Norwegian kitchen designs are decorated with this overarching design element. You won’t find unused or non-essential kitchen appliances on tables or counter surfaces: everything is stored away. The colours used for cupboards are usually white or dark colours, with brightly coloured furniture and décor items such as a pop of colour from a vase of flowers, chairs, table runners, or wall paint. Clean lines, clean surfaces: that’s the Norwegian way.

3.  Sophisticated White Spaces

For large kitchens, finishing walls in white adds another dimension of clean lines and minimalism. It also transforms even the most traditional of cupboards and kitchen appliances into a modern and fresh looking space.

4.  Lighting

The use of lighting adds character to any room – and in a kitchen, it is as powerful as adding another painted surface or a kitchen island. The brighter the better seems to be the best practice: under cupboards, downlights, accent lights, ceiling lights and wall lights combine to create a well-lit kitchen that looks ultra-modern.

5.  Contemporary Art

As we’ve mentioned, Norwegians spend a lot of time in their kitchens – not just when they’re cooking. Adding colour to a room isn’t as easy as it seems. However, picking out the perfect art piece can add character, dynamics, and can display your true personal style. It doesn’t have to be a famous print either – what about one of your children’s prints from school? Bright, bold, and colourful pieces make for the best art pieces in kitchens in Norway.