Easy Tips For Decorating Your Bathroom


Until not too long ago, the bathroom had a purely functional role in the home; not much attention was paid to its decoration beyond the legendary seashell toilet paper hanger. However, nowadays, it plays an increasingly important role in achieving a pleasant and stylish home. Thus, many people wonder how to decorate my bathroom. Well, here are some tips that are worth taking into account.

Like any other room in the house, the bathroom is a space that requires specific details that add a distinctive touch to the design. The nuances can come as standard or be added over time but, whatever time we feel the call of renewal, there are many simple and yet effective alternatives to fill this room with personality and character without forgetting its functionality.

In general, when decorating the bathroom, one of the first things you have to think about is its color. If space is not too ample, the best thing is to bet on light tones like white.

If your bathroom is large, you have more freedom; bright tones like lemon yellow or fuchsia are a trend, so you can encourage you to incorporate them. Of course, these are colors you have to be especially careful not to leave a room too loaded. You can bet on accessories or small decorative elements in these shades.

Suppose you are looking for the perfect touch for your particular project in this article. In that case, we present you with nearly twenty proposals, five great ideas for decorating a modern bathroom that combine functionality and aesthetics in equal parts.

  • An Original Mirror

Its presence is familiar in many designs, not in vain; it can offer you a perspective of your image when you wake up or the final result of a whole grooming ritual. The mirrors are elements that should not be missing in any bathroom that is worthy; neither are the seashell toilet paper hanger. Still, if what you are looking for is to add a plus of modernity to yours, we recommend that you bet on a design of sinuous or original forms that break with the established.

  • Rustic Airs

Modern bathrooms do not represent a break with materials of a traditional nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can achieve a contemporary aesthetic by placing a wooden floor and even introducing organic design elements such as this worktop. The whole combines rustic charm with modern appeal.

  • Play with Textures

Coverings are a universe to be explored when creating attractive and elegant bathroom designs in any style. So much so that another of the great ideas you can implement in a modern bathroom is the play of textures or, what is the same, the combination of different coverings such as, in this case, stone and granite.

  • Neutral Colors and Contrasts

Geometric shapes and colors are great allies when it comes to giving your modern bathroom a contemporary aesthetic. In this design, neutral tones are combined and contrasted perfectly in the different elements, and coverings used to create a balanced and charming aesthetic.

  • Lamps in the Mirror

Lighting is an essential factor in any decorative project and a great ally to create a modern scene with many personalities. Place some lamps integrated into the bathroom mirror and get it to shine with its light.