Tips To Prevent Pests From Invading Your Home


Ants, cockroaches, mice, and other pests burst into homes looking for food, water, or a better environment. Follow these rules to avoid problems in your home, and your family will be free of insects.

By following these ten rules, you will avoid any pest in your home that makes it necessary to go to a professional residential pest control service. Besides having a house free of small invaders, everything is a benefit for your health and yours.

Avoiding Insects by Keeping the House Clean

You can help protect your home from pests by keeping it clean and tidy. That way, you won’t get a food source or a place to nest. Cleaning issues tend to change with the seasons. For example, around spring and early summer, you are more likely to have problems with insects. Winter is a time when rat or mouse infestations commonly occur.

Store Food in Airtight Containers to Avoid Ants and Cockroaches

Preferably in heavy plastic or glass containers. This includes pantry staples such as flour and sugar (you can even keep them in the refrigerator as an extra precaution), as well as any pet food. Keep in mind that mice have no problem chewing on plastic bags to get what they want.

Get Rid of Standing Water to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Many people don’t know that mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they don’t need much. One bottle cap full of water can produce hundreds of mosquitoes.

Repair the Cracks in Your Home so that Insects do not Enter

It repairs leaky pipes, seals cracks, and blocks holes both inside and outside the house. These entry points help pests gain access to your home and freedom of movement.

Reduce the Clutter in Your Home where Insects Can Hide

To avoid pests, it reduces the mess. The fewer places small invaders have to hide, the better your chances of stopping an infestation before it can establish itself in your home. Regularly discard old newspapers and other items saved for recycling, such as cardboard.

Do not Store Wood Near Your Home to Avoid Termite Infestations

Take some precautions to avoid termites. Limit their food source and the habitat available to them as much as possible. Store woodpiles away from the house. Stacked wood is an open invitation to termites.

Avoid Insects by Washing Dishes After Eating

One of the rules to avoid pests at home is to wash the dishes. Simple but very important. Waiting to do the words is not a great idea. Even soaking the dishes can attract bugs if left for an extended period. When you wash the dishes, make sure you dry them and leave the sink clean.

Wash Your Clothes before Putting them Away to Prevent Insects

Dirty clothes attract insects. So before you throw away all your winter coats in the back of the closet, take the time to wash them before storing them. Storing clothes you don’t often use in well-sealed containers will also help prevent an infestation.

Clean Garbage Cans to Avoid Rodent Infestation

Washing the garbage cans should be a monthly job. It is easier to do this task outside the home with a garden hose and a long-handled, coarse bristle brush.

Limit Eating Areas to Avoid Ants

Try to eat alone in the kitchen and the dining room. The fewer areas that have been exposed to food crumbs and residue, the less risk you have of an invasion.

Follow these rules to avoid pests in your home, and you will have a home free of small invaders. If they have unfortunately already invaded your space, let a residential pest control get rid of them for you.