Top 5 Landscaping Ideas for a Backyard Fire Pit


The heart is happy where home is. That being said, putting in an effort to make your surroundings look nice is always a great investment for your mental health and happiness. Adding elements of nature into your home always attracts positive energy as well as changes the tone of the house. The inculcation of the element on fire in your backyard is not only an aesthetically pleasing but also an activity based decision. Starting a fire in itself is an adventure that takes us back in time when our ancestors were cavemen discovering, depending and deriving pleasure out of this element of nature. A perfect weekend at home by the fire with your loved ones, wearing socks and making dinner on the fire – here’s how to make it better with Invision Landscape!

1. Shape it up!

Instead of the traditional circle for a firepit, consider leaner and longer shapes for your backyard. Be it a rectangle or a hexagon, a matte finish on the glass would do the trick. Simplicity is classic and matching it up with the seating arrangement would make it a very cozy spot to begin your Saturday evening at. An open backyard or a terrace, landscaping your ‘spot’ sounds like the right decision. Warm, yellow lights and a well groomed garden with a table that’s also a fire pit? Sounds like a dream, a dream that can be turned into reality!

2.  Accessorize! 

If you have a backyard with a view, opt to equip the area with a different kind of firepit. An open fire pit basin as opposed to having an actual pit is also a great option for a change. It’s classy and minimalist and leaves a much lesser mess to clean up! You can either roast marshmallows or cook on it by placing a grill onto the fire. Some delicious charred food and veggies is a wonderful way to unwind after a hectic week at work and catch up with your loved ones. An open basin fire is way more accessible and easier to handle. It serves the purpose as well as is an aesthetic addition to your backyard. 

3. Make it lit!

The best way to level up your landscaping game is by playing with colours and tones of your backyard. Keep it loud or warm, whatever suits you best and go with colours that compliment each other in a subtle and rustic way The tone and mood you want to set is at your convenience with this set up. A table with matte black finish with charcoal ready to be fired up, the vibe that this setup creates is unbeatable. Landscaping Sydney, one backyard at a time, these designs are really popular and contemporary.

4. Escape into the woods!

A cozy corner of the backyard can be designed and fashioned into a spot resembling the forest woods but with the decor tweaked for your convenience. With a circular fire pit big enough to keep you warm, create a fantasy world with some golden fairy lights, a wooden table fashioned into a bed with soft pillows and a blanket you wouldn’t want to leave. Escape into this reality for a perfect weekend getaway and cuddle your worries away!

5. The center of attraction

If you have a green garden in your backyard, landscaping with a firepit right in the center is ideal. A little lower into the ground, fill in the surrounding with rocks / pebbles and start a fire to keep you warm on a chilly night. A simple and pleasing design goes a long way into how many other things you can add to make the place look appealing. A few dim white lights around the garden or fire under the starlight sky, the choice is yours.

Concept design is an ideology that is visibly gaining popularity by the day. Invision Landscape  expertises in this field and has been Landscaping Sydney into the better, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing version of itself, one backyard at a time. They undertake maintenance as well as construction projects to help you attain your dream house.
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